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BGT Sellers Promotion Programs


BGT members are encouraged to participate in all of our programs for the most exposure of their business. BGT is made up of online sellers, therefore, by working together our members are exposed to online shoppers that might not have otherwise found the products offered by other sellers within our network.

We are now offering BGT members the ability to participate in several programs. You decide what will be best to expose your business to other online shoppers. You can participate in one are all of our programs.

We currently have 4 active programs, Monthly Flyer Program, Magnetic Car Sign Swap, the BGT WebRing and the Holiday Special Offer program. We are looking for volunteers to create a yahoo 360 page, and a my space page for BGT. If you would like to do one or all of them please contact us.

Monthly Flyer Program

This program is temporarily on hold.

The Monthly Flyer Program was our first program started back in 2002 or so. Donna of Donna's Mailboxes and More pulls together all the business card size ads submitted by members and suppies each member with 2 versions - an email version and a clickable pdf file version. It's reccommend that members include this in each email they send out as well as print it and put it in their outgoing packages. You can also print them and post them on bulletin boards in your town. You can see the currently monthly flyer here.

Magnetic Car Sign Swap

The Magnetic Car Sign Swap started fall of 2006. Jeri of Jeri's Signs helped us start this great program. It's very easy and inexpense. You simple buy a sign and have it sent to the member you are swapping with. You put their sign on your car, they put your sign on their car. You both gain exposure in different places.

BGT WebRing

The BGT WebRing is up and running. Sade of Fancy Flappers manages this program for us. All you need is a website, blog or someplace on the internet to post HTML or Java script coding to join this webring. It's a great program and we encourage everyone to participate!

Squidoo Lens

The BGT Squidoo Lens is up and running. Allen of Vintage Parts and General Store Parts and Things recently started this program for us. All you need is to join BGT and click the link above for more information. It's a free program and we encourage everyone to participate!

Holiday Special Offer Program

The Holiday Special Offer Program will be back about August 2009. In the past this program has been open to all online stores FREE of charge.

Support Our Troops Program

Our Support Our Troops Program is our newest idea. Businesses Growing Together is all about businesses helping businesses BUT now Businesses Growing Together is also about supporting our troops!!

Yahoo 360, My Space

Utilizing these social networks are an excellent idea. At this time we are looking for someone to step forward to put it all together. If you have the skill or would like to try putting it together take your pick of which social network you would like to manage for BGT. We need your help!

Advertising Opportunities

We are currently offering advertising space on this site to BGT members only. Our pricing is extremely low as we don't want to profit from it, just cover the cost of this site.

If you have a site and offer inexpensive or free advertising space and would like to be mentioned on the advertising opportunity page, let us know.