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Businesses Growing Together

Growing Your Online Business

Are you interested in growing your business? What better way to do it than with cross-advertising! What does this mean? It means EXPOSE YOURSELF!

Requirements for Partcipation

Since participating memers will be promoting YOU, we need a standard of some sort. After all, none of us want to refer our good paying customers to a fly-by-night seller, now do we? You would not want your name associated with someone not doing a quality job.

Sellers participating in Businesses Growing Together should ship within four (4) days of payment, unless you are providing a customized order or if item has been back-ordered. If the item has been back-ordered, the customer must be made aware of this fact within two (2) days of payment and given the opportunity to cancel not only the back-ordered portion of their order, but also the entire order without any service charges being applied.

Seller should send out shipping notices to buyers letting them know their items have been shipped.

Members must have an online business for at least one year.

Seller must have no more then two (2) negative feedbacks within a 30 day period, whether promoting your own website or your auctions.

Members must send out at least 5 packages a week.

Members of BGT must place the BGT banner on their website with a link back to here. If you do not have a website, the banner must be placed on your ebay me page without a link (a link back is against ebay policy).

So, Are You Ready to Join?

Just click here to get started and join us in promoting our businesses to thousands of potential customers.

We are now offering partcipates the ability to partcipate in several programs. You decide what will be best to expose your business to other online shoppers. Check out our Programs.